Our History

Our history predates the 19th century when funeral directors were still referred to as undertakers. In days gone by, the business included several furniture stores, ambulances, post offices, mail delivery, school buses, and furniture repair and refinishing. Our present history started in 1970 when Richard Anderson was hired at William L. Mott Furniture Store and Hyde & Mott Funeral Chapel, both in Hagersville. Over the years, Styres and Weiderick (now closed) have been acquired, and managed from the Hagersville location.

We have grown as a company by providing information, education and choices that meet individual needs and circumstances, creating authentic and meaningful funeral ceremonies for every family. We continue to focus on listening, understanding and responding instantly to the changing desires, needs and expectations of those we serve.

We celebrate lives lived and remember the countless ways our lives have been touched. We continue the proud heritage established in 1875 by Wesley Harrison of Hagersville.

The history includes the lives of Mr. Charles Heaslip, Mr. Joe Senn, Mr. Les Reid, Mr. Wm. Weiderick, Mr. Clifford Styres, Mr. Wm L. Mott, Mr. F. Gerald Hyde, Ms. Elsie Allen, Mr. Dick Yeates, and Mr. Wm Lofthouse.

It has been a great honour to serve so many families during the difficult time in their lives for the past 50 years.

Richard Anderson