At RHB Anderson Funeral Homes we encourage visitations/gatherings at our Funeral Homes as a way of honouring ones life, and to establish the personal significance we feel. For most of us need to talk, remember stories, share memories and relive a life well-lived. We in essence say that this life was well-lived and will be remembered.448a09841c1c3_s_web.jpg

For those of you who can remember John F. Kennedy Jr., saluting the funeral cortege of his father U.S. President John F. Kennedy, the image is unequivocally burned into our memories. It speaks volumes of John F. Kennedy Jr., as a young man paying tribute to his father. Most of us need to be involved, and participate to help us confront death and move on.

Often a visitation/gathering offers more opportunities for a life to be honoured and commemorated then that of a one-hour funeral service/memorial service. During the visitation/gathering, family and friends gather to share tales and stories of their loved ones past. Recalling the times shared together helps to ease the pain we all feel when suffering the loss of a loved one.

We need to verbalize our feelings to lessen the burden we feel. So in reflection, a visitation/gathering is a way of honouring the memories.